Sunday, July 31, 2011

Kate Middleton Dress Styles

Kate Middleton Dress Styles

Kate Middleton is well known as a Fashion Dress Style Icon 2011.The public has been waiting to check out the outfits for different occasions .Princess Kate Middleton exquisite taste in Fashion is no secret to anyone, nor the fact that everything Kate Middleton wears becomes a Trend 2011, being sold out in less than 24 hours. As Fashion people speculate about Kate Middleton’s style 2011, she begins the tour by surprising everyone with her impeccable, elegant, simple yet noble look. Princess Kate Middleton recently declined the services of a Fashion Dress Designer, saying that she is “not a clothes horse” and is “perfectly happy and confident” in making her own clothing decisions. Kate Middleton look absolutely stunning in Fashion Dresses. so let have a look of Kate Middleton Fashion Dresses Styles 2011

Lipstick Shades

 Lipstick Shades

Lip Sticks makes your Lips smooth as silk. Lip Sticks Shades trends changed every season whether this years Lip Sticks trends are much beautiful and unique. Lip Sticks  Shades 2011 is used as a Lip Balm that have a great coverage. Lipstick Shades are available in marks in perfect shades that will be immediately soothed and moisturized.The use of Lip Sticks , women feel ultra glamorous and a purchase that you feel dizzy and makes fabulous. Lip Sticks  is an important part of the face and that is something of a dress to be seen and appreciated when you look in the mirror. It is used to increase the beauty of Lips.In this season red and pink color are also much loving and famous For Fair Skin . To give a more shining and attractive look, you can apply Lip glow in center of your Lips for an attractive look.Women with Dark Skin often find picking the right soft color for their complexion to be a daunting task . So let have a look on some nice collection of Lipstick Shades For Women 2011 and 2012.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Kim Kardashian Makeup

 Kim Kardashian Makeup

 Kim Kardashian is famous for her stylish and gorgeous Looks For Makeup.Kim Kardashian is not so beautiful without Makeup.Kim Kardashian is world wild known because for her elegance and glamours look for Smokey Eyes Makeup. I did a Kim Kardashian inspired Makeup Look 2011. It is pretty much your basic Smokey Eye Look. so i am a  fan of Kim Kardashian styles and Makeup Looks.Here are some of my favorite Kim Kardashian Makeup Looks so i wanted to share with you all some awesome Kim Kardashian Makeup 2011.

Short Hairstyles

Short Hairstyles has not been very popular in past few years but Short Hairstyles has been very famous in last couple of years. Short Hairstyles 2011 are very famous in Celebrities World. Short Hairstyles for women gives a elegent and gorgeous looks.There are numerous cuts and Short Hairstyles that can be tried out according to the personality and looks of the women. Short Hairstyles look is an other way to get a funky appearance. Short Hairstyles 2011 are extermely fashionable and you can look even hotter. There are so many types of Short Hairstyles 2012 like Short Bob Hairstyles, Short Boy HairstylesShort Hairstyles etc etc... most of the celebrities famous for her latest Short Trendy Hairstyles. Women all around the world search celebrities for the latest Short Hairstyles trend, So let have a look for trendy   Short Hairstyles 2011 and 2012

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Rakhi sawant is an indian dancer, actress and a girl theme.

Rakhi sawant was born in mumbai on november 25, 1978. She was named neeru sawant. His mother is usha sawant and his father was a policeman. As part of a very poor family who do not have the opportunity to obtain an adequate education. She is associated with director rakesh sawant and former actress jaya sawant.

She dated actor abhishek avasthi and participated in dance show nach baliye with him.

Rakhi was recently seen in a tv swayamvara rakhi ka, and decided to marry fellow contestant parujanwala elesh amid controversy.

Rakhi sawant began his career as a cabaret dancer. Rakhi has appeared in many hindi films and music albums, the most famous is pardesiya. She appeared in a reality show big boss and was one of 4 finalists.

Rakhi has appeared in many movies such as horn ok please gahraee, dhadakka dhoom, gumnam and many more.